Operations and Recycling
Operations and Recycling in Paper Mills with Micro and Nano Concepts
Author- Dr. Mahendra Patel, (22 chapters- 500 pages) Published in 2012, ISBN No.978-81-923542-3-1)
This book brings out the most burning issues of present days pulp and paper manufacturing processes- notably recycling to achieve Zero-Liquid-Discharge (ZLD), optimum use of recycled fibre and recovering energy and chemicals from black liquor. However, the recycling operations augment enormously the level of contaminants, corrosion and other secondary problems, termed in this book as "Harsh Environments".
Harsh Environments in Operations

Harsh environments consist of abrasion, corrosion, fouling, scaling, pitch, stickies, DCS, NPE, chemicals, thermal treatment etc, which are thoroughly discussed chapter wise in this book along with operational problems confronted. With increasing need for recycling water to achieve zero-liquid discharge, use of more and more recycled fibre and recycling of chemicals, these problems increase further, causing more and more of operational problems in the pulp and paper mills.


Formation and Control


This book discusses separately the causes of formation and control of each of the above harsh environments (Chapters 2-15). You will be able to reduce your maintenance cost and frequent shut-down on following the solution measures, suggested in this book.


Nano Concepts


If you are looking for having insight into nano concepts in paper manufacturing, many novel concepts are introduced, specially on “Scaling” (Paper presented in “Asian Paper 2012”-Bangkok and to be published in “Paper Technology, U.K. Read the article; Micro and Nanotechnology in Formation and Control of harsh Environments, Paper Technology, Vol.53, No.3, p.30-32, June 2012.


Recycling: Reducing water consumption


The last few chapters are on recycling (Ch.16-21); recycling of water, water closure; different technologies and strategies for reducing water consumption to achieve minimum liquid discharge, are discussed with specific examples of steps taken by the progressive mills. Some of the strategies and technologies, discussed in this book, can probably help you reducing your water consumption.
  • Foreword for the book "Operations and Recycling in Paper Mills with Micro and Nano Concepts ", by: Dr. Frank Miletzky, President, The Paper Technology Specialists; Papiertechnische Stiftung, Munich/Germany.

Foreword and Congratulation on the book:
Dr. Frank Miletzky, President, The Paper Technology Specialists, Papiertechnische Stiftung, Hess- Strasse 134, DE-80797 Munich/Germany; Pirnaer Strasse 37, DE-01809 Heidenau/Germany
Recycling of water and fibre is the burning issue in pulp and paper manufacturing at the present juncture because of environmental and economic aspects. Few mills in Germany and other countries have already achieved total system closure and 100 % use of recycled fibre. I am glad to mention that our Institute has carried out very pioneering work in this area.

However, increasing recycling of water and use of recycled fibre in mills elevate the levels of contaminants, notably micro-organisms, pitch, stickies, dissolved and colloidal substances as well as non- process elements, due to cumulative effects of the repeated recycling of water. The detrimental substances and phenomena create many adverse conditions such as abrasion, corrosion, fouling and scaling, causing material damage, frequent shut-downs, quality problems, increasing maintenance cost and loss in productivity.
These problems have been reviewed in this book along with their chemical, biochemical, material and mechanical solutions. In his book Dr. Patel has brought out the mechanisms of scale and deposit formation leading to corrosion in terms of micro and nano technology. Nanotechnology has already made inroads into some of the cutting-edge technologies in pulp and paper manufacturing and therefore, this book is quite a timely one. I am sure that this book will be quite useful to the pulp and paper industries, scientists and academic institutions. I wish Dr Patel much success.
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