Minerals in Paper Manufacturing
Minerals in Paper Manufacturing
Author- Dr. Mahendra Patel, (32 chapters, 350 pages), ISBN No. 978-81-923542-1-7).
Most of the fillers and pigments, used in papermaking are based on minerals and ores. This book terms these fillers and pigments as "Minerals". Performance of the minerals can be varied based on the beneficiation (purifying) process and engineering the functional properties. This book discusses the beneficiation processes and properties of the minerals used in papermaking along with many new products.


The strategies and techniques for higher mineral-loading in paper are discussed in terms of fibre-fibre and fibre-filler bonding and other mechanisms. Laboratory and mill trials of coating colours and formulations are given, thus mills can use this book as a reference book for new product development also. Update yourself with new mineral fillers, pigments including micro and nano minerals, available in India and abroad.
Achieving 30-35% filler/pigment-loading in paper

Cost of minerals (Fillers) is as low as one fourth of fibre. Therefore, increasing mineral content in paper and board means reduced cost of manufacturing. Processes with troubleshooting on increasing addition of fillers and pigments up to 30-35% (50% in board) or more are discussed in this book providing solutions in this book.


Range of Mineral fillers


New filler and coating pigments, available now, are thoroughly reviewed in context with Mineral beneficiation, Properties, Structure of Minerals and Applications, highlighting the Stock preparation and Coating. Topics encompass Fillers and pigments of kaolin, talc, titania, Calcium carbonate-PCC and GCC, aluminium hydroxide, silica, baryte, gypsum, pyrophyllite, wallastonite, zeolite, nonmineral fillers along with compatible chemicals and additives, citing qualities and production in many countries with production technologies
High Performance Minerals


One section of this book discusses on the “High performance minerals” and finally on the related test procedures.
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