Micro and Nano Technology
Micro and Nanotechnology in Paper Manufacturing
Author- Dr. Mahendra Patel, (530 pages ); ISBN No. 978-81-923542-2-4);

An excellent book for reference in Science/ Engineering & Technology/Paper Industry/R & D and Teaching
Foreword for the book written by Prof. Rene Van Grieken, Editor-in-Chief, X-ray Spectrometry and Director, University of Antwerp, Belgium.; Congratulation letter by: Prof. Dominique Lachenal, International School of Paper, Grenoble, France.
This book for the first time addresses the specific subject of Nanotechnology in the paper industry and in all allied fields. It is written in mind ensuring that readers can get an in-depth view of the cataclysmic changes this technology is bringing to their industry.

At the same time, the author recognizes that Nanotechnology is an emerging and a new technology, so the book starts with an introduction to the basic concepts and terminology of Nanotechnology.

The book consists of 37 chapters divided into five sections. The first section is designed to familiarize both beginners and advanced readers with the basic concepts, terminology and latest developments in nano-technology.

The section also provides an overview of the impact and general application of nano-technology across several industries. Section 2 covers nanotechnology in raw materials and on the different stages of paper manufacturing. Section 3 covers nanotechnology in packaging, printing and in specialty papers. Section 4 covers nanotechnology in production techniques, environmental and in energy issues. Section 5 covers the latest research and development initiatives on Nanotechnology and the future of Nanotechnology.

Section-I: Micro and Nano Concepts, Basics and Applications
Ch.1 Introduction 1
Ch.2 Overview 5
Ch.3 Particles & Fibres 18
Ch.4 Micro fines 34
Ch.5 Voids &Pores in Papermaking 49
Ch.6 Microstructure of Cellulose 64
Ch.7 Fibre Microstructure 76
Ch.8 Three Dimensional Structure of Paper 91
Ch.9 Applications of Nanotechnology 102
Ch.10 Applications in PaperManufacturing 119
Section-II: Micro and Nano Systems in Raw Materials
Ch.11 Wood and Composites 128
Ch.12 Recycled Fibre 145
Ch.13 Agro Residues 159
Ch.14 Genetically Modified Trees 171
Section-III: Micro and Nano Concepts in Fibreline, Wet End and Papermaking
Ch.15 Pulping 180
Ch.16 Bleaching 198
Ch.17 MicroparticleTechnology 212
Ch.18 Wet End 232
Ch.19Nano Minerals 247
Ch.20 Papermaking 260
Section-IV: Coating, Specialty Paper, Newsprint, Packaging and Printing based on Micro and Nano technology
Ch.21 Nano Coating 275
Ch.22 Packaging 292
Ch.23 Newsprint 304
Ch.24 Tissue Paper 315
Ch.25 Antibacterial Products 332
Ch.26 Printing 340
Section- V: Utilities including Energy and Environment with relevance to Micro and Nano Technology
Ch.27 Environmental Improvement 348
Ch.28 Energy & Utilities 366
Section VI: Production Technologies and Systems for Nano Materials
Ch.29 Production of Nano materials 380
Ch.30 R & D on Nanotechnology 410
Ch.31 Economics 433
Ch.32Roadmap 439
Ch.33 Electron Microscopy 450
Ch.34 X-ray Spectrometry 462
Ch.35 Scanning Probe Microscopy (STM and AFM) 483
Ch.36 Other Micro Techniques 497
Ch.37 Future of Nanotechnology 508
Index 525
Properties of paper 526
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