Consultancy and Advice

Technical consultancy and advice offered for the Pulp, Paper and Allied Industries:

  • On Indian paper and packaging industry: Information on production figures, present status, future forecasting, Optimisations in processing Wood, agro-residues and recycled fibre; use of different chemicals and minerals in the Industries.

  • New product development: Minerals and Chemicals enhancing paper properties, reducing cost of paper through Laboratory evaluation and Mill scale trial.

  • Application of Nanotechnology in industries, notably pulp and paper manufacturing, Nano mineral production, Special ceramic materials including silicon carbide whiskers using agro-residues

  • Nanocellulose use in paper and board and other industries

  • Nano silver for Antimicrobial paper

  • Gypsum board liner paper

  • Appropriate Ceramics and Metals in different areas of pulp and paper manufacturing

  • Research and Development Projects/ Setting up of Research facilities in Pulp and Paper Industry/ Improving the quality of Research, Laboratory Accreditation

  • Technical book publishing

  • Organising Technical Conference

  • Communications in French language