Nanoparticle-based Antimicrobial Paper as Spread-breaker for Coronavirus

“Nano-particle based antimicrobial paper can act as spread-breaker for the present Corona virus” as indicated in a publication by Dr Mahendra Patel* in Paper Technology International (U.K.), Volume 61(No.2), pages 20-25 (2020).

Bacteria and virus are in micron and submicron sizes and in order to react effectively with these micro-organisms, harbouring help of nanotechnology, which deals in particle sizes even smaller than these micro-organisms, can serve the objective effectively. Because of the high surface area and antibacterial properties, the nanoparticles can act as killers for the viruses and the bacteria including Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).

A different new concept is by incorporating the Ag-nanoparticles, known to be having antimicrobial property, on the paper surface. Inorganic antimicrobial material is usually in the form of a composite. Appropriate release of antimicrobial metallic ions from the composite can effectively inhibit the birth and growth of harmful microbes. 

One of the likely problems, to be faced in the manufacturing of antibacterial paper in the paper mill is how to incorporate the nanoparticles onto the paper or board. There could be many techniques for manufacturing of the antibacterial paper. Antibacterial nanoparticles such as Ag (silver), which may be available in ionic form (Ag+) or reduced metallic form (Ago); these being quite costly, one cannot afford to add anywhere and any amount in the manufacturing process.

The paper reveals how the antimicrobial additive can be incorporated onto the paper surface during the paper manufacturing process.

Ag-nano particle based antimicrobial agent is claimed to have been developed by one Company in UK (Addmaster). The Ag-ion based paper has been tested to be working very well, reducing the Feline coronavirus to >95%.

Three paper mills have started producing the antimicrobial papers as indicated by Dr Patel in his paper, using the Ag- ion technology with wide range of applications, from premium boxes for luxury brands to greetings cards and envelopes as well as products aimed at any high traffic environments such as hospitals, classrooms, exam rooms, offices, clinics and day-care centres which use carbonless forms. 

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